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PicassoTiles® Rocket Set Magnetic Building Blocks, 36-piece set

Product Number: PCTPT36B
DREAM BIG & BUILD BIG: With PicassoTiles, your child’s creativity is limitless. This magnetic building block tile set fea...

DREAM BIG & BUILD BIG: With PicassoTiles, your child’s creativity is limitless. This magnetic building block tile set features 17 small squares, 5 right and isosceles triangles, 4 doors, 3 window squares, 1 window, and 1 pentagon - a powerful combination that gives children endless potential to dream and build. They can even combine these tiles with other PicassoTiles magnet construction blocks to give them more room to explore how creative they can be.

THE MAGIC OF SCIENCE: Your children will be able to explore the science of rockets, engineering, 3D architectural design, geometric shapes, magnetism, and number counts with our 36 piece rocket set. Our magnetic tile kit combines learning and fun while encouraging STEM at a young age. Let the kids build the rockets and see the new heights they can go to!

PLAYING TO LEARN: It’s never too early to start developing your child’s STEM skills through visual learning. You can help them develop a strong sense of color and improve their motor skill, while introducing them to geometrical shapes, magnetic polarity, mathematics, numbers counts, 3D architectural design, structural engineering, and even periodic table elements (available in select sets).

FOSTERING CREATIVITY: You can occupy your child with hours of fun and help them learn at the same time by promoting their brain development while encouraging creativity. We designed the PicassoTiles Rocket Set to foster hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills in children of all ages—including preschool, group activity, classroom, teamwork, and kindergarten.

SAFE AND FUN FOR ALL: Every PicassoTiles product is BPA-free, non-toxic, child safe, and lead-free. The 36 piece Rocket Set is suitable for all ages (3+ and up) and can be used for individual or group play. We encourage playing in groups to engage in teamwork with friends and family to create everlasting memories. Easy to construct and easy to put away for storage.

In the Box:

  • 17 x Small Squares
  • 5 x Right Triangles
  • 5 x Isosceles Triangles
  • 4 x Doors
  • 3 x Window Squares
  • 1 x Window
  • 1 x Pentagon

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